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Tommy Schouren
Production Manager Afrojack

Throughout his career, he has accumulated a diverse range of experiences in the production and tour management fields. It all began with a production internship at ALDA in 2014, setting the stage for what would become a dynamic journey. In 2015, he delved into site production for various Dutch festivals, simultaneously taking on the role of tour manager for Jay Hardway and serving as an artist assistant and stage manager for numerous festivals and concerts.

As the years progressed, he expanded his horizons, working as a production assistant in 2016. From 2017 to 2018, he served as a technical advancer for W&W, entrusted with the responsibility by TWOFIFTYK. Following this, he assumed the role of production manager for Afrojack from 2017 to 2019, once again commissioned by TWOFIFTYK.

In 2020 to 2021, he took on the challenging position of tour manager for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, under the commission of PANOUT, before returning to his role as production manager for Afrojack from 2021 to 2023, this time commissioned also by PANOUT.

Throughout this period, he also undertook various ad hoc production and tour responsibilities for festivals and artists, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in the industry. His journey has been one of continuous growth and learning and he looks forward to contributing further to the vibrant world of event production and tour management in the years to come together with the Panout Collective.

Noah Rietra
Tourmanager Moksi

With currently fulfilling the role of tour manager for Moksi, he brings over 8 years of hands-on experience in the field, managing tours both nationally and internationally. He is glad to be part of the Panout Collective, viewing it as an excellent platform for exchanging insights and learning from fellow professionals.

His journey commenced at the age of 16 when he began accompanying a local DJ act to their shows. By 17, he had been recruited by another local DJ duo (Instagram:, which provided him with invaluable experience performing at festivals like Pinkpop. Subsequently, at 19, he joined forces with DJ Otto Wunderbar, where he further honed his skills on both national and international stages, gracing renowned festivals such as Tomorrowland (BE), Zwarte Cross, Dutch Valley, Defqon 1, Decibel Outdoor, Solar and Electrisize (DE) among others.

Joining Moksi at the age of 23 marked a significant milestone in his career, as they embarked on intercontinental tours across America, Europe and Asia. It has been an enriching journey for him and he looks forward to continuing to contribute to the vibrant world of music touring.

Artist we work with

Rob van Bennekom
Tourmanager Da Tweekaz

In 2015, his journey as an independent entrepreneur began with the establishment of his own booking agency. In 2018, his career took a turn when he was offered the opportunity to work with an agency in Belgium.

At this agency, he had the chance to work as an agent for Da Tweekaz. It was an amazing experience for him to work closely with the duo and help shape their career. Over time, he grew into his role and took on more responsibilities, eventually becoming both their agent and tour manager.

In 2023, he decided to take on a new challenge and joined David Lewis Productions, an agency with a wide range of artists. Here, he had the opportunity to further expand his experience and improve his skills.

Despite his new job at DLP, he continued to work with Da Tweekaz as their tour manager. In the meantime, he also had the opportunity to work with artists such as Sam Feldt, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and W&W.

Now, looking towards the future, he is grateful for the opportunities he has had and is determined to continue growing and making his mark on the music industry. With his passion, dedication and experience, he hopes to add many exciting chapters to his career and share them with the fellow professionals of the Panout Collective.

Floris Raven

Back in 2016, his career in the music industry took off at the age of 19, touring globally alongside Mike Williams. Two years later, he shifted to Curbi; his mainstay act ever since. Alongside him, shows have been managed for other artists like Imanbek and RayRay.

His path has led him to work at festivals in the Netherlands such as Mysteryland, Zwarte Cross and Freshtival, as well as renowned international stages including Tomorrowland, Parookaville, S2O, Looptopia, Electrisize, World Club Dome, New Horizons, Creamfields Chile and 808. With almost 8 years of experience, he’s completed over 10 tours in China and countless more across Europe, Asia and the USA.

Additionally, he oversees events of Spinnin’ Sessions worldwide and organizes the events of Curbi’s label, Seeing Is Believing, where he also acts as the label’s product manager. With joining the Panout Collective, he’s happy to add another layer to his journey in the world of tour management.