Tourmanagement at Panout involves planning, coordinating, and overseeing the logistics of a musician or performing artist’s tour. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth and successful touring experience for the artist and their team. Here are some key aspects of tour management:

Planning and Coordination

Creating a detailed schedule that includes travel arrangements, performance dates, soundchecks, interviews, and any other relevant events.
Coordinating transportation, accommodation, and meals for the artist and the touring crew.
Managing the budget for the tour, including expenses for travel, accommodation meals, equipment, and personnel.

Travel Arrangements

Booking flights, buses, or other modes of transportation for the artist and the touring party.
Securing suitable accommodations for the artist and the crew while considering factors like comfort, safety, and proximity to venues.

On-Site Coordination

Communicating with venue staff to ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place for the performance.
Coordinating soundcheck times and ensuring that the necessary equipment is set up properly.

Artist we work with

Promotion and Publicity

Facilitating interviews, photo shoots, and other media-related activities.
Managing the sale and distribution of merchandise during the tour.

Security and Safety

Keeping open lines of communication among the touring party, including the artist, band members, roadies, and other crew members.
Providing regular updates to the artist and the team about the schedule, changes, or any unexpected situations.


Collaborating with venue security to ensure the safety of the artist, crew, and audience.
Developing plans for emergencies and ensuring that the necessary resources are available.


Managing contracts, agreements, and other legal documents related to the tour.
Maintaining records of expenses, receipts, and other financial transactions.

Role of the tourmanager

Tourmanagers play a crucial role in the success of a tour by ensuring that all aspects run smoothly, allowing the artist to focus on their performances. They need to be highly organized, adaptable, and capable of handling the challenges that may arise during a tour.